About Us - We're not just another construction business!

Cool As Patios is a small business, locally owned by registered builder Russell Philips and managed by his wife, Simone. Located in Witta, in the stunning Sunshine Coast hinterland, Cool As Patios is proud to offer exceptional service to all clients on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing excellent home improvement constructions and offering local knowledge, which help make our decks and patios the best in south east Queensland. We are dedicated to maintaining our outstanding knowledge of leading technology in the industry, as well as providing friendly customer service.

For outdoor living at its best, you cannot go past Cool As Patios!

Bringing indoor comfort outside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!

The Sunshine Coast is a truly amazing part of the world, and Cool As Patios great range of patios and decks allows you to fully (and comfortably!) enjoy everything it has to offer. From hardwood decks, galvanised steel patios, and customised covered outdoor areas, Cool As Patios has something to suit every home. Picture it - you and your loved ones, relaxing on your new deck or having a barbeque on your new patio, taking in the sights and sounds of one of the best places on the planet. Those are the kinds of results we live for!

Amazing customised designs at affordable prices

Whether you need a beautiful new deck or an enclosed patio to take in one of the Sunshine Coast's breathtaking sunsets, Cool As Patios has simple, affordable solutions to help your dream come true. We're not just another construction business - we truly put in the hard yards to make sure the deck or patio you get is exactly what you want.

Russell is an experienced builder who will work with you to ensure that your custom-designed deck or patio is exactly to your specifications. We provide great workmanship and attention to detail to deliver a deck or patio of the highest quality. This level of personalised service breaks down any barriers between builder and client and ensures you're involved every step of the way.

For exclusive, customised and affordable patio and deck designs, Cool As Patios is your new favourite business on the Sunshine Coast! Contact us today!

BSA License No: 1202618

Why Choose Us?

Blocks Heat

SolarSparl's high performing polystyrene core provides efficient, tong-fasting insulation and comfort underneath.

Saves Money, Adds Value

The simple, quick, modular design reduces build time and therefore the cost. SolarSpan® is an affordable way to breathe new life into your outdoor area and add value to your home.

Deadens Noise

The high performing core helps to reduce noise from rain and hail.

Low Maintenance

SofarSpan's COLORBON~ steel roof and ceiling gives a long-fasting, easy to clean finish.

Walking on SolarSpan®

Unlike a single skin patio roof, SolarSpan's strength allows owners to walk on it for maintenance and to retrieve the occasional lost ball

Long Spans & Simple Construction

No unattractive rafters or battens required

Strong and Durable

Two layers of steel laminated to high performing core provides strength and durability.

Guaranteed 10 year Warranty

SolarSpan® provides you with peace of mind offering a 10 year written warranty on your panel.


SolarSpan® is used for patios, enclosed extensions, carports and for a variety of other shaded structures.

Always comfortable

Day or night, winter or summer, be comfortable all year round with an insulated outdoor living area.