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Need a Sunshine Coast Pergola Builder?

Pergolas in Sunshine Coast regions are the perfect way to enjoy Queensland’s outdoors in the shelter of your own home. We’re a local business with a passion for helping our clients build the Sunshine Coast pergolas that they’ve been envisioning. Well-placed pergolas not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of a premise and provide shading; but they’re also incredible for increasing market value. With years of collective experience, our team have the experience to ensure that you end up with a pergola design that you’re proud to exhibit to friends and family.

Sourcing our materials from companies like Superior Panel (based in the Gold Coast), rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of the professionals. We utilise Australian hardwood, stainless steel bolting, Class 3 zinc-coated screws, Colorbond steel and our infamous powder-coated OneSteel DuraGal.

In other words, a Sunshine Coast pergola builder from our team’s work is made to last. In Queensland’s harsh and unpredictable weather, you need to ensure the pergola you invest in will endure the seasons. Our coating is not only less expensive than traditional paint, but also significantly reduces maintenance.

Bring Your Outdoor Areas to Life

Do you have unused space in your backyard that would be perfect for outdoor entertaining? You’re not alone! We’re lucky in Australia to have generously sized blocks of land, but many Australians aren’t taking full advantage. However, with our patio and pergola experts on your side, you can have the outdoor area you’ve always wanted.

Pergola Designs For All Areas

We’ve got a great range of patio and pergola designs suited to all spaces and all homes. However, we understand that not all homes are going to work well with our existing designs. That’s why we offer a custom design service for all types of patios and pergolas on the Sunshine Coast. We’ll come to inspect your existing space, take all the necessary measurements, and design an outdoor area that perfectly suits your needs and budget. By working with the existing structure of your home, we can ensure your space is utilised properly, ensuring maximum comfort and room to enjoy. Outdoor living is part of Australian life, and we’ll ensure you’ve got a little sanctuary you can call your own.

Plans And Council Approval

Like any additions to your home, many patios and pergolas require council approval. This means you need to have solid plans in place before you start building. Our expert designers take care of all aspects of planning so that you don’t have to worry. If you need council approval, we can take care of that for you. We know what’s required, and we can make the process a lot easier. In addition, we also adhere to all Australian building standards. Our plans will take everything into consideration to ensure a functional and safe structure. You’re in safe hands with Cool As Patios.

Our Work


No Job Too Big Or Too Small

How many times have you walked out the back door, wishing you had a nice, sheltered area to relax in? We even see plenty of homes that have great flat areas, already concreted or decked, with no shade or shelter. As a homeowner, it feels like a frustrating waste of space. Here at Cool As Patios, we take a very individual approach to every job we do. There’s no space too big or too small, and we can transform anything into a stunning, usable area for your family. We turn your outdoor areas into beautiful, relaxing, functional spaces that everybody can enjoy. From the smallest outdoor BBQ area to a sprawling undercover entertaining spot, we can do it all.

A Range Of Shelter Options

At Cool As Patios, we provide a range of different shelter options for your outdoor areas. As experts in our field, we’ll ensure that your outdoor space is properly sheltered and aligns with ventilation standards. We’ve got options to keep the weather at bay, while also allowing the perfect amount of breeze to keep you cool on a summer’s day. Ask us about your options today, because we’ve got a range of solutions to suit any type of patio or pergola. Enjoying the outdoors is great, but not if you’re being blasted with wind, rain, or excessive sun. Our designs are done with your comfort in mind.

The Perfect Entertaining Area

If you love entertaining, you’ll know that a great outdoor area is a huge asset. We’re blessed with mostly great weather in Australia, and we want to help Aussie families make the most of it. Most people love getting together with friends and family, and it’s a lot more enjoyable with a relaxing outdoor area. Whether you enjoy BBQs, cocktail parties, or simply having a relaxing chat with friends on a warm evening, we’ve got a solution. Patios and pergolas give you a beautiful, usable space for guests without the need to cram everybody inside your home. Step up your entertaining game today, and speak to us about the perfect outdoor area design.

Your Local Patio And Pergola Specialists

For the very best patio and pergola designs in the Sunshine Coast, look no further than Cool As Patios. We know the local area, the climate, and the very best qualified tradespeople to bring your ideas to life. So why wait? Put that empty space to use and talk to us about a beautiful outdoor area today.

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